Power University

A unique method to charm any person more effectively

You started a new business journey.

After weeks of networking, you manage to schedule a meeting with an important contact. Now comes a new challenge: Convincing this person to build a relationship with you.

You prepare some conversation topics, and you feel ready. But when the meeting finally arrives…

…you feel awkward.

What do you say? How can you network with this person without feeling sleazy? And how can you influence this person to stay in touch?

Sociologist, Lucio Buffalmano, compiled a new social skills methodology to solve these hurdles. In this course, you’ll learn how to communicate in a way that (a) feels easy and natural, and (b) influences people to connect with you.

Specifically, you’ll learn:

  • How to build relevant social groups
  • Exact words to say in your conversations
  • Clever strategies to overcome difficult discussions
  • Simple tweaks to reach-outs that can win the connection

You can apply this knowledge yourself or share these steps with your sales team, freelancers, or anyone else who communicates your product.



Part 1: Advanced Social Skills

1. Power — 4 topics

The best strategies for power. How to influence people to treat you fairly and respectfully.

2. Assertiveness — 4 topics

When to use assertiveness. Why you should calibrate assertiveness to the person.

3. Introductions — 1 topic

How to ace your first impression. A simple method to determine your introduction even if you don’t know how to approach.

4. Games — 2 topics

Why you should handle micro-aggressions and power moves. Keep your social status, yet maintain rapport.

5. Manipulation — 3 topics

Best techniques for self-defense. How to dilute the manipulation attempts of others. Simple tricks for counter-attacks.

6. Nonverbals — 2 topics

When you need social status. Body language that make you more powerful.

7. Communication — 1 topic

How you can speak more powerfully. Common mistakes with verbal communication. Which words to avoid.

8. Dominance — 1 topic

How to present yourself. Why charisma can backfire. Importance of replacing broad communication approaches with concrete styles.

Part 2: Persuasion Techniques

1. Frame Control — 1 quiz

How to identify persuasion opportunities in conversation. How to communicate to capitalize these opportunities.

2. Mindsets and Strategies – 1 topic

How to find persuasion openings that would be immediately valuable to your goals.

3. Techniques – 7 topics

How to convince the person to accept your point of view (and exactly what to say).

Part 3: Career Strategies

1. Proven Strategies — 1 topic

The most powerful strategy for career advancement (which very few people are doing).

2. Self-Promotion — 1 topic

Which rules for self-promotion you should follow (and why). How to leverage these rules to land a career promotion later.

3. Boss Relationship — 1 topic

The 17 principles of boss relationships. How to prevent a poor boss relationship from manifesting.

4. Workplace Politics — 1 topic

Why you should resolve office politics. How to deal with political office games.

5. Career Strategies (Women) — 1 topic

How to play the men’s game. Simple tricks to grow your power and still be feminine.

Part 4: Bonuses

1. More Content

Get 17+ hours of additional insights into advanced social skills

2. PDF: Course eBooks

Important resources from the course

3. Dating and Seduction

What should you do to charm a potential partner? And how can you use these answers to optimize your dating strategy?

4. Leadership

A module to help you be the leader everyone wants to be around.

5. Bonus Content

Additional content that is worth the entire price of the course.


Do you bundle your products?

Buying multiple products? Keep an eye out for when we release our lifetime bundle with all of my current and future products.

Is this the same material in your articles?

Nope. Some information will overlap, but my articles focus on tips and techniques. This course focuses on the principles behind those ideas with many more practical applications.

What happened to Social Power?

We used to call this course Social Power. We’ve since updated and expanded the course. Now we call it Power University.

Can I get reimbursed by my work?

Some employers offer tuition reimbursements or allow you to use education credit. If you’re interested in expensing the course via your company’s training center, get in touch at connect@thepowermoves.com.

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