Top 7 Sites You Can Learn Business Networking For Free!

These Sites Will Help You Master the Art of Business Networking...For Free

Business networking is a truly outstanding way for anyone to become a much more efficient and effective professional in any field. And, because of networking’s benefits, it’s more than essential to start learning this skill set if you’re looking for success in today’s world.

In order to do that, you need to be able to master many of the aspects of your personality, general mindset, and overall character. That’s why we have created a list of very useful and insightful websites that offer a great deal of free content, with the option to purchase specialized features, only if you want to.


For Advanced Social Skills


The Power Moves


There are many layers to social skills and its applications to business networking. The Power Moves focuses on ensuring that you can learn and understand the deepest layers of advanced social skills in order to implement those skills for social excellence.

There are many more topics than only social skills such as revolutionary psychology, red pill/blue pill lifestyles, persuasion, manipulation, entrepreneurship, critical thinking, and career strategies. All of which are dissected and explained in detail with many inner layers that are often difficult to see at first. But, once the revelations come, the game changes and you begin to see things with more clarity.

Some people may find some aspects of The Power Moves’ content to be a bit controversial as it does deal with some touchy subjects such as manipulation. The truth is though that many people fail to become good at business networking because they do not allow themselves to understand human nature. And, this website offers many revealing truths on that subject that are all incredibly insightful and eye-opening. (Plus, The Power Moves only teaches manipulation to help you learn how to defend against it, and they only encourage you to use ethical persuasion.)

One of the most attractive aspects of this particular website is that the creator has managed to gain a very good reputation for helping people achieve better results in their professions and lives overall. This site includes courses, blog posts, forum content, and a large number of interesting categories.

Both The Power Moves website and Lucio Buffalmano, the mastermind behind it, have been featured in several top media outlets such as BBC, Psychology Today, Forbes and Business Insider amongst others. So, I’d say that their credibility is yet another reason why this is a great choice for those of you who are looking to enhance your business networking efforts (which, if you’re reading here, is probably you).


*You can visit The Power Moves here.


For General, Basic or Overall Social Skills:


Succeed Socially


This is the perfect website for those of you who feel overwhelmed by social interactions. This website is ideal for anyone who feels shy and insecure around others. It can be incredibly difficult for someone to become good at business networking if they are constantly feeling scared or uncomfortable during social interactions. And, that’s where MacLeod’s work comes in.

The content includes a large number of articles that help you handle many aspects of socialization. From being able to understand why you might be having a hard time fitting in, to training yourself to handle awkward and difficult situations, to even being aware of the reasons why you might be constantly feeling misunderstood, these are only a few of the many relevant topics that you can find on this website.

In addition to the large number of articles that Succeed Socially offers, they also combine their blog content with a book called The Social Skills Guidebook. On top of that, they also offer counseling services for those who want a more personalized service. (This is great because there are many people who need coaching to overcome shyness, sometimes only reading and watching videos simply doesn’t cut it.) For those of you who feel like you might need it to deal with more complex issues related to your personality, their counseling might be for you.

More than the socially anxious or insecure, social skills can often feel like a challenge for those who are introverts as well, but anyone can learn to become extroverts by understanding the reasons why they have a hard time interacting with others.

And yet, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you should.

The research shows that extroverts are more likely to go into sales jobs, get hired in sales jobs, and get promoted in sales jobs. But, introverts have a higher sales performance than extroverts. (Introverts are more persuasive.)

Now, a great piece of research out of the University of Pennsylvania, however, actually shows that both introverts and extroverts are easily outperformed by ambiverts.


Simple Definition: “An ambivert is someone who is a little bit introverted and a little bit extroverted. They’re not strongly one way or the other.”


The research showed that ambiverts were the best persuaders because the introverts (at the extreme of their personality type) didn’t like to assert themselves and were a little bit shy while the extroverts at their extreme (the highest level of extroversion) weren’t good listeners. So, the ambiverts did the best because they are in the middle of both extremes, knowing when to push and when to hold back, when to speak up and when to listen.

There are very rare, special exceptions to this rule, but generally speaking, you can train yourself to become more ambiverted and improve how you handle social situations.

And, tying it all back around, Succeed Socially will help you do that.


*You can visit Succeed Socially here.


For “Business” Social Skills (AKA: “Exec” Skills)


Science of People


The truth is that there are countless ways in which your business-oriented people skills (or lack thereof) — which is sometimes referred to around here as your “exec” or “executive” skills — could be affecting you as a business professional.

The idea with the Science of People is to help you become a more charismatic, influential, and business friendly individual. Amongst other skills, you will learn how to negotiate, how to detect lies, how to communicate in different environments and how to navigate all relationship gauntlets.

Vanessa Van Edwards will take you through this journey and, if you love getting a better social life, you will love every minute of it. There is plenty to read and to see at the Science of People website that goes beyond only business social skills such as knowing how to command the attention of a room or deliver an outstanding presentation. (That’s also why this website made the list as a valuable place for resources that will help you upgrade your business networking skills.)

You can see both Vanessa as an expert and her website featured in USA Today, NPR, WSJ, CNBC, ABC, Entrepreneur and many other media outlets. She understands her topics and she is aware of how to effectively help people become more influential and more likable.  


*You can visit Science of People here.


For Influence and Persuasion: 


Nick Kolenda


This is a complete package of psychology being implemented in a business environment in a wholesome way.

Nick Kolenda offers the ultimate selection of guides that are free to read and experience. He also does his best to make sure that you’re going to be able to cover most of the essentials in a way that is academic, yet lighthearted as he promotes on his website.

Basically, what Nick does is teach the psychology of marketing to those who are interested in learning more. He is doing this in a way that is easy to digest, but also practical and easy to apply in any real life situation. This is the main reason why this website is also a recommendation on our list. When you can take in advanced or complex information and comprehend (and process) it well because it’s explained in a way that is simple and reliable, you are naturally going to learn these subjects much faster.

It’s one thing to be able to learn all kinds of information that could be of use, but it’s a whole other thing to know how to apply that information (and actively do so) for practical uses in your life. And, especially on a topic that can be as confusing as psychology, it’s very important to capture this sort of expert, “easy-on-the-brain” guidance when you can find it. The kind that not only teaches the ins and outs of marketing in a way that’s simple, but also the kind that helps you see the results that you want when you apply what you learn.

And, that’s exactly what Nick Kolenda’s website aims to give.

We could say that this is one of the best websites around that contains some of the best fundamentals for influence and persuasion in business networking.


*You can visit Nick Kolenda’s website here.


For Business Networking: 




The Valuetainment YouTube channel isn’t exactly a website, but it offers all kinds of important tips.

There are many great videos on this channel and Patrick Bet-David, the head of the channel, often makes use of very reliable examples on the ways that successful people conduct their business (including how they and he himself networks). This is perfect for people who are on the go and want to be listening to great business networking-related content.

With that said, this channel will often interview and invite mafia bosses that are now out of the crime world. Many of these men have been stellar business owners that have many interesting things to say. And, depending on your preference for content, this may or may not be your cup of tea.

But, we recommend this channel to anyone who has an open mind about the different walks of life that people can choose. There is a wealth of valuable and reliable information that can help you fine tune your business networking strategies.


*You can visit the Valuetainment YouTube channel here.


For Career Networking:


I Will Teach You To Be Rich


Ramit Sethi, the head of the website, admits himself that the name of the website sounds a bit scammy. But, don’t let it fool you, you’ll find many powerfully effective strategies and approaches here.

The content on this website offers a large number of excellent free resources as well as very accessible courses for those who want to take their experience to the next level.

The focus of this particular website and Ramit Sethi, the creator of I Will Teach You To Be Rich, is to help you embark on a learning journey that will prepare you for the success that follows those who have the discipline and the mindset to reach levels of high achievement in their pursuits.

Sometimes people never succeed because they are unable to understand the mentality of the rich. It makes perfect sense that in order to be rich, you need to operate and behave in ways that the rich do. And, all behavior starts in the mind.

The greatest thing about achieving the mentality of the rich (including how the rich view the networking efforts of others who try to connect with them) is that your eyes are opened to many things that you might’ve never even thought to consider. There are many mental barriers that are often difficult to take down and we owe those barriers to the conventional advice that keeps us from moving forward and achieving more in life. The focus of this site is to help you get away from the mental traps often caused by the spread of misinformation (at least, that’s the way I see it, Ramit might have a different view on the focus of his website).

Ramit and his website have been featured in several media outlets such as the New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, CNBC, CNN, ABC News and much more. His humble origins and struggles are also a very inspiring part of the appeal of his content and courses.


*You can visit I Will Teach You To Be Rich here.


For Career and Business Networking:


Community Made


There are many ways to learn new skills that will help you enhance your business networking abilities. A couple of those ways include learning from experience as well as other people.

Regardless of how you choose to learn though, what possibly matters the most is your ability to learn the information that’s most useful and powerful to help you achieve the best results in the endeavors you choose to pursue.

And, that’s often the power of any good community — access to the best information for your situation when you need it.

The beauty of Community Made is that you can connect with influential entrepreneurs that are going to be ideal for your business networking efforts. The Community Made website shares access to a free private online community of entrepreneurs and very accessible free content that includes valuable insights for the best business networking practices of today.

This allows people to learn and connect with others remotely and that has never been as important as it is right now. We are living in a world that caters to this type of format and that is a part of what makes Community Made so attractive and appealing.


*You can visit Community Made here.


Do Some Research and Find Out What Works for You


Keep in mind that the options we have provided are not the only ones available. We have decided to share those links because we took the time to verify their value and their content. With that said though, it is important to consider that there are many other websites offering good content out there and some research is always a good idea if you want to expand your options.

Our list of websites here will get you off to a great start if you’re looking for help with business networking because it will save you the time-consuming task of looking for reliable sources.

With time being such a valuable resource in our lives now and all of the misinformation out there to sort through, it’s always great to find a list of trustworthy resources on a subject that we want to learn. (And, we’ll be doing our best to keep this list updated as new and better resources come across our radar in the future.)


Final Thoughts


Business networking is always going to be crucial for anyone who seeks to achieve success with any type of venture. This is the main reason why we made the recommendations you found in this article.

Always remember that business networking is something that is constantly changing. You need to be aware of any changes that are happening around you and adapt accordingly. Once you are able to do this, you will start to see a larger number of connections as your business networking strategies start to show results.



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