Get Connections and Grow Your Career


Ali Scarlett’s book The Clever Connector Second Edition explores the art of networking by answering questions such as: How can I build relationships with the powerful decision-makers I need to advance my career? How can I achieve all of my goals without having to spend a single dollar? How can I attract billionaires, executives, and celebrities into my social circle when I’m broke?

How to connect with billionaires, executives, and celebrities.

Explained in a way we can all understand, The Clever Connector Second Edition encourages the idea that there is no telling what we could achieve with billionaires for parents. With that concept in mind, this book teaches us how to build a robust network of powerful relationships and connections that can change our lives and transform our careers (without needing a high net worth, status, or billionaire parents to do so). In the networking world — where the possibilities are wondrous and the opportunities are boundless — Ali Scarlett uses exciting wisdom and profound stories to bring us to the ultimate secrets of powerful networking.

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