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You just started networking.

You’ve been struggling to figure out how to keep track of all of your connections. You know that want it to be simple, and you’re not sure what to use that’s low-effort yet organized.

You Google some options, and you feel OK. But when it’s finally time to settle on one…

…you feel overwhelmed.

What’s the best one for networking? How can you be sure you’ve found the best solution for your networking needs? And how can you be sure you won’t need to switch to a new tracker in the future?

I compiled a toolset of trackers to solve these hurdles. In this course, you’ll learn the optimal trackers for professional and business networking.
Specifically, you’ll learn:

  • The optimal tracker for tracking your contacts and connections
  • The optimal tracker for tracking your networking events
  • The optimal tracker for tracking your business leads
  • The benefits and features that make each tracker the best option

You can apply this knowledge yourself or share these steps with your assistant, virtual assistant, or anyone else who sends your Linkedln or email messages.


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